Mission Statement

Our Mission

ETR distinguishes itself from other firms that claim to deliver results beyond expectations through our interactions with clients, the community and with each other, and through the core values that form the foundation of our culture. We base our high standards of service on five basic principles. Every decision we make – from client matters to recruiting philosophy to strategic positioning – is tested and measured against these principles.

  • Achieving practical business solutions using vision, creativity and expertise

  • Highest integrity in all dealings

  • Relentless dedication to service

  • Sustaining an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and authentic communication

  • Developing our people to be great professionals


Our core values are at the root of everything we do.  We believe that our people, along with these guiding principles, are what make us strong and successful.


 Quality Results


 Customer Service


Our Goal

Our goal is to help reduce the time, confusion, and stress associated with federal and state tax matters. ETR was built on the foundation of our Core Values of commitment, trust and respect for our clients. We are a family owned business and our goal is to provide every client with efficient, permanent relief from the stressful burden of tax debt. 

Businesses and Individuals hire us to worry about their tax matters and to resolve their tax matters in the least intrusive and most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

We are often able to resolve tax matters without ever having met our clients in person. Most of our interaction with clients can be handled via correspondence (telephone, email, fax, mail, etc.). However, other tax matters require that we meet in person.

We maintain offices in the Houston Texas metro area and we have access to satellite offices in many other U.S. cities. We are authorized to represent clients in every state in the nation with their tax matters.

Whether you have a small individual tax issue or liability or a larger business tax matter, we believe that we have the experience, expertise, and resources that you need.