Payroll Tax Disputes

Payroll taxes are imposed on employees and employers on amounts paid to the employee.

Employers are generally required to file tax returns to report payroll taxes on a quarterly basis and they are required to deposit the taxes with the IRS monthly or semiweekly. Deposits are required to be made using electronic funds transfer.

Employers who do not remit payroll taxes timely may be subject to the trust fund recovery penalty. This penalty can be assessed against any responsible party who fails to collect or pay the taxes. The penalty is equal to 100% of the tax that was not collected or paid. This can result in personal liability for taxes that would otherwise be owed by a business.

There are special procedures for how the IRS handles trust fund recovery penalties. These procedures cast a wide net and often result in many of the business officers and the company being liable for the taxes.

We can help with this. We have worked a number of payroll tax and trust fund recovery penalty cases and have a strong track record of successfully defending these cases.

Please contact us immediately if you have failed to collect or pay payroll taxes or the IRS asserts that taxes have not been paid.