Tax Problems

We help individuals and business owners pay the least amount of taxes possible today while strategically reducing taxes in the future. 

Tax Problems

Taxpayers who have tax disputes with the IRS are faced with: 

  • Ambiguous tax laws and government legalese and acronyms; 

  • Cryptic and threatening IRS notices and letters;

  • Long wait times when visiting the local IRS office or when calling the IRS,

  • Hundreds of randomly-numbered tax forms and other written submissions and flings, one or more of which must be filed before the IRS will act.

While many of the 70,000+ IRS employees try their best to help taxpayers, they operate in a system where they are not authorized to help with most tax matters and they are not trained to know how to go about doing so.  In other cases, the IRS employees are simply not motivated to help.   

At ETR, we cut through this complexity.  We work with the IRS every day.  We know their systems, we know their forms, and we know who to contact to get results.  

We think you will find that we are not like many of the other "tax resolution" or "tax relief" firms.  We do not employ a full-time sales team and our primary business is not marketing.  We are tax professionals.  

So if you have an IRS tax matter and you have questions, we encourage you to contact us.  We offer a free initial consultation to see if we can help.  To get the most out of this consultation, we even encourage you to:

  • Send us a copy of any IRS notice or correspondence (with your name, Social Security Number, etc. removed or redacted) and let us review it with you (With technology these days, this may include scanning the notice or correspondence or even taking a picture of a portion of it and emailing that to us at along with instructions as to how contact you).

  • If you have a tax debt and want to know your options, read the IRS's Form 433-A (for individuals) or Form 433-B (for businesses) and be ready to discuss this information with us.